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Judging Information

Judging Criteria - All Ford Day SA
Click here to download the 2023 Judging Categories

Please note this is NOT a Concours judging event where every nut, bolt, hose or upholstery must be as it left the Ford assembly line.  We are not able to find enough experts to be able to judge each model across all categories that we provide trophies for.  We are also not an Elite Car show, where judging is based on the builders/owners modifications, uniqueness or show car presence. Therefore, All Ford Day SA judging is based solely on condition and cleanliness of a vehicle, whether modified or original.

Judging will commence from around 10:00am, all cars entered for judging must be accessible to the judges, be unlocked with doors open and the bonnet and boot up, from the commencement of judging. If a judge cannot easily get access to any part of the vehicle, they will score based on what they can or cannot see, i.e., if a boot is closed it will be given a score of zero as it cannot be seen.

Judges will not open doors, bonnets or boots.

The Judges will be asked to check four areas on each vehicle:

1. Externals & Paint:

Externals: Chrome, lights, wipers, wheels, caps and trims (mags, nuts and centrepieces), bumpers grill, glass, mirrors and any modification or extras.

Paint: Gloss, dry spots, runs, chips and crazing etc.

2. Body & Boot:

Body:  Dents, rippled or wavy panels, rust, under paint scratching, panel fit and alignment.

Boot: General condition of the boot area, spare wheel and everything displayed, checked for any visible rust.

3. Interior & Trim:

Seats, carpets, floor mats, dash, hood lining, fixtures, fittings and door trims (looking for any blemishes inside the car).

4. Engine Bay:

General condition and cleanliness, paint and chrome condition, all hoses, wiring, cooling system and all fixtures and fittings.


Judges are looking for the cleanest, straightest and best-presented vehicle with the least number of blemishes.

As this is an open-air show, NO penalty or loss of points will be given for airborne dust on day.

Further Descriptions / Explanation:

The judges will be looking for any defects or blemishes that can be found. No points are allocated or deducted for additional chrome or modifications, i.e. a well presented set of painted wheels with caps or trim will be rated equally with a well-presented set of mags or chrome wheels. Likewise, a painted rocker cover in good condition will receive the same points as a chrome rocker cover in similar condition. Braided wire looms receive no more points than a good set of original wiring. 

To assist the judging process, entrants are requested to have their bonnet, boot and doors open prior to the commencement of judging and ensure all personal effects are removed. Judges will not have time to locate owners to open vehicles and will therefore score the vehicle on what they can or cannot see. For example, if a boot is closed it will be given a score of zero as it cannot be seen.

No judges will judge their own vehicles or the vehicles of fellow Club members because of potential and/or perceived bias.  Judging categories will be allocated based on what vehicles the judge has entered in the show. I.e. A judge who may own a newer model Falcon in the show may be allocated to judge the Model A's, and vice versa.

All judging sheets and results are property of All Ford Day SA. Entrants will not be provided with or able to view any of their scores or scores of others. The judge’s decision is final.

Entrants are also requested not to talk to judges on the day; they are busy people with multiple vehicles to judge.  Stories and or history of the vehicle cannot be taken into consideration for the scoring of the vehicle.

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