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About Us

The South Australian All Ford Day is an annual car show open to owners and enthusiasts of motor vehicles produced by the Ford Motor Company.  This event is a regular on the South Australian Car Show Scene having been apart of the calendar every year since 1979.  


The event history has created a particular prestige as the South Australian All Ford Day is continually well supported and recognised as a must attend show.


Throughout the history of the event milestones of the Ford Motor Company have been celebrated.  These milestones are recognised in the branding of the event and highlighted at the event.  They include the 40 years of the GT Falcon, the 100th Anniversary of the Model T Ford and the 150th birthday of Henry Ford.  On the non milestone years, a particular model of Ford Vehicles are selected and recognised.


Whilst the event has had a number of homes over the years, the current location has proved to be very successful and is expected to provide All Ford Day SA with a new home and place to grow the show for years to come.


The event is run by a number of enthusiastic volunteers who make up the All Ford Day Team.  These volunteers currently come from one of two South Australian Ford Clubs - The Model A Club and the FPV & XR Car Club of SA.  Along with the committee comes a working group from each club who assist with the running of the event both on the day as well as the important behind the scenes work in the lead up to the event.  It is the passion that these workers put into the event that is passed on to all in attendance and makes the event such a success each year.


The event caters to all sorts of Ford Vehicles.  From cars to trucks to military vehicles and everything in between.  The event is attended by entrants from all over South Australia along with a growing number of interstate entrants.  Awards and recognition of attendance at the event are given to all entrants.


As the event continues to grow, so to do the corporate partners and sponsors who enable the show to go on.  The corporate partners and supporters are listed on the sponsors page of this website and the All Ford Day Team, as well as all involved with the event, appreciate their involvement.  All support of the event whether it be from sponsors, volunteers, participants right down to the members of the general public who attend each year is greatly appreciated.

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