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History of All Ford Day SA

In 1978, a committee was formed comprising members from the three 'vintage' Ford clubs; the Model T Club, the Model A Club and the Early V8 Club.

The members of the first committee were:

Brian Diener - Model A Club
Neil Phillips - Model A Club
David Carver - Model T Club
Malcolm Morris - Early V8 Club

It was decided that there was enough interest in South Australia to hold an annual event that was specifically designed for Ford models that the clubs catered for. It was called the All Ford Day - SA and it was decided that it should be a relaxed combined rally to a scenic location for a picnic lunch.

The first All Ford Day SA was held early in March 1979 at Loftia Park.  This proved to be a very popular rally and a far greater success than was anticipated. Resulting from the feedback received over the following year, the event was opened up to all Fords and this has been the case ever since.  The only restriction of the event was that the vehicle entered had to have a Ford mechanical system and a Ford approved body.

Since the first All Ford Day SA, the locations have been varied; from Tanunda to Noarlunga and in each case a local Ford Dealer was involved in the sponsorship of the event. Over the years the event has evolved into a static display and show and shine for all FORD enthusiasts.  The number of entrants has ranged from the early days of 100 plus vehicles to well over 400 each year. The interest by the public for the event has also grown. 

Once the Model T Club and Early V8 Club retired from the organising Committee, their place was taken by the GT Falcon Club and the FPV & XR Car Club - SA who's members gave fresh ideas and new enthusiasm to the day.  An All Ford Day SA trophy now is seen as a great achievement in restoration and preservation of the vehicle. With the introduction of Best Car Club Display in 2003 by the Ford Motor Company to celebrate 100 years of the company, yet another dimension to the competition sections has been added. 

All Ford Day SA will continue to evolve as an event with more classes of vehicle as they are released by Ford and as more clubs are formed to cater for those vehicles.  All Ford Day SA will continue as long as Ford enthusiasts gather to enjoy the company of like minded people and show their vehicles with pride.

To all the people that have been involved in the All Ford Day SA over the years, whether it be on the organising committee, as marshals or as participants bringing their Ford to the event, the committee thank you.


All Ford Day SA is the largest single marque display of vehicles in South Australia and with the continued support of the entrants and general public will be able to provide the best display of Fords for all Ford enthusiasts to see for many years to come.

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